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Maxo Mosquito Repellent Refiil - Fits All Machine 4pc Pack

Maxo Mosquito Repellent Refiil - Fits all Machine 4pc Pack
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Keep Out of Reach from Children
Product Description

Maxo Mosquito Repellent Liquid Vaporiser Refil

Provides an instant action against mosquitoes. Effective liquid vaporizer. Leaves behind a mild pleasant fragrance to let you sleep peacefully.

  • Use the fine graded Maxo Max Power A-Grade that keeps you stay protected, frees you from the mosquitoes or insects that irritates you.
  • Keep your house or living area absolutely free from insects or pests, by using the strong and powerful Maxo Max Power A-Grade.
  • It has been enriched with the active ingredients, this vaporizer provides a potent and convenient solution to counter mosquitoes and constitutes the first line of defense against potential diseases and health hazards.

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