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Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea Bags - 100 Pieces

Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea Bags - 100 Pieces
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It’s not just a cup of tea, its therapy - One Sip at a Time. Lipton Green Tea is not just a regular cup of chai, we believe it’s therapy for your body. Wake up to a morning cup of hot Lipton green tea and feel how it leaves you feeling light and active. Awaken your senses - one sip at a time. Lipton Green Tea Bags in Honey Lemon Flavor have this goodness. Choose Lipton Green Tea Honey Lemon as your go-to beverage during the day. Buy Lipton Green Tea Bags in Honey Lemon Flavor in a pack of 100's TB right here! Magic of Green Tea: Green tea is produced when freshly plucked leaves are heated, rolled/cut and then dried. The catechins in the fresh leaves are preserved during the green tea process, making green tea rich in catechins. Also, green tea is typically drunk without milk and sugar and hence gives zero calories as compared to the ordinary chai made with milk and sugar. Available in a Range of Flavors: Lipton offers a range of different flavours to ensure that you are offered variety and enjoyment while drinking tea. Lipton flavours some of its teas with added natural flavours and no artificial flavours are used. You may try Lipton Green tea in Pure & Light (unflavored), Tulsi Natura, Honey & Lemon and Lemon Zest flavors as well, available in pack sizes of 10s and 25s Tea bags. Next best to Water: Brewed, Unsweetened Lipton Green Tea being 99.5% water is a great way to meet your daily required fluid intake. Staying hydrated is essential to ensure bodily functions are carried out efficiently.

  • Zero Calories : Green Tea, when had without milk or sugar, not only tastes great but contains virtually zero calories.
  • Next best to water : Brewed, unsweetened Green Tea being 99% water is a great way to meet your daily required fluid intake.
  • Heart health : Consumption of Green Tea as a part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart as it is thought to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Simply Delicious flavour and great taste.
  • Soothing aroma of a warm cup of green tea may help you relax.

Let’s make the fitter choice!

Lipton Green tea is an all-natural zero calorie* drink. Green tea has catechins, which help improve body metabolism & reduce waist circumference^. Drinking green tea as part of a balanced diet & active lifestyle is a great way to stay fit & healthy!

*When consuming without milk and sugar. ^Having 7-8 cups of Green tea/day (≈600 mg catechins) for 8-12 weeks helps reduce waist circumference. Note: Lipton Green Tea has ≈20-30 mg caffeine/cup. Expectant and nursing mothers should limit their total daily caffeine to max 200 mg.

Let’s brew it right!

Green tea has a unique flavour and must be brewed correctly for the right amount of time. For the perfect taste follow the steps and brew it right and it will taste just right.

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