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Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil - 100ml Bottle

Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil - 100ml Bottle
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Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Product Description

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil for reducing hair fall and growing new hair. 2x more effectiveKesh King ayurvedic oil is a proprietary medicinal preparation without any side effects. It is a complete solution for hair related problems especially hair fall. It is prepared using tel pak vidhi as prescribed in ayurveda using 21 precious herbs cooked in sesame oil.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil protects and nourish the hair.

  •     World’s No. 1 Ayurvedic hair oil
  •     This oil is clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than other Ayurvedic hair oils in
      reducing premature greying, hair fall, dandruff, split ends, sleeplessness and headache
  •     Helps in facilitating growth of new hair
  •     Comes with deep root comb applicator that stimulates roots by aiding in deeper oil


Contains the goodness of 21 Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringraja, Amalaki, Methi, Brahmi, Japa, Lodhra, Manjistha, Jatamansi                                            

How To Use

Massage with oil helps in effective relief from, Hair loss due to stress, Fatigue and tiredness, stress and tension, sleeplessness. Cephalagia (Headache) & Body ache

Ideal For  - Women

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