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Gillette Guard 3 Shaving Razor 1 Pc

Gillette Guard 3 Shaving Razor 1 Pc
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Product Description

Gillette Guard 3 razors for men features 3 blades that stay sharper longer (vs. Guard). With 3 blades, lubrastrip and combguard it is engineered to last 7 comfortable shaves. Guard3 has three blades designed to give a closer shave (vs Guard), so you don't have to shave a second time.

Activated by water the lubrastrip releases lubricating ingredients to reduce friction between the blades and skin, helping to protect the skin from irritation.

Guard3 blades are resting on springs which move up and down as they respond to the variations of the skin and the pressure of the hand, helping to protect the skin from irritation and nicks and cuts. Guard3 handle is made with soft elastomer grips for a comfortable grip while shaving.

We studied 300 men who shaved with each razor for 2 weeks (2018 Shave Test). Men overwhelmingly preferred Guard3’s overall performance and specifically for giving a close shave.

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