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Gari Gola Sukha - 100g

Gari Gola Sukha - 100g
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Product Description

  • Dried coconut often goes underappreciated when compared to other dried fruits. However, if you are interested in eating healthy, you definitely need to include it in your diet. Benefits of dried coconut and its exceptionally high nutritional value make it a valuable addition to many meals.
  • One of the most important benefits of dried coconut is its high nutritional value. However, it’s a point that you will need to consider carefully if you are trying to lose weight. While this fruit contains healthy fats, they are still fats. So, you’ll need to count your calories when adding coconut dishes into your daily meal plan.
  • Your skin, ligaments, bones, and tendons fall into the category of connective tissues. They contain a great number of minerals, which means that deficiency of any of these elements affects this particular part of your body.
  • The health benefits of dried coconut don’t make you smarter, but they help improve and promote a healthy brain function. Some of the chemicals contained in the coconut meat promote the production of neurotransmitters as well as myelin.


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