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Gala Iron Bull Tile Cleaning Brush/Scrub Pad - 1pc

Gala Iron Bull Tile Cleaning Brush/Scrub pad - 1pc
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Product Description

Gala Iron Bull Scrub Sponge Set

This Iron Bull Scrub Sponge by Gala is highly effective for cleaning tough stains on your floor, or on many other surfaces
in your household including bath tubs, showers and kitchen sinks! Made from nylon fibers on the bottom, this product is
made for superior cleaning work. It is both efficient on stains and the comfortable handle fits perfectly and is not hard on
your hands or fingers even during the most rigorous cleaning routine.

Product details

  • Useful for floor scrubbing and the other household surfaces listed above
  • Scrub with iron bull over the stain and dust area
  • Perfect handle grip and nylon bristles provides cleaning without scratches

Gala is a part of Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions

Gala India is one of the largest manufacturers of home cleaning tools. Gala is a proud part of Freudenberg Home and Clean-
ing Solutions, a world leader in cleaning tools, of which Vileda is the most popular brand. Present all over the world with
successful brands for over 60 years. Products are available in all leading modern trade outlets and distributed in general trade

  • Used for Floor Scrubbing.
  • Scrubbing pad.
  • Nylon fibers at bottom which does super cleaning work.
  • Special handle.
  • Easy to use.
  • Last longer and durable.
  • Easy & strong grip.
  • Cleans the floor without any scratches.
  • Helpful in cleaning bathroom, walls and floors.

How to use

  • Use required volume of soap, liquid on stain and dust area of bathroom and floors.
  • Scrub with iron bull over the stain and dust area.
  • Perfect handle grip and special nylon bristles will provide you best cleaning without any scratches.

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